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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Create iPhone Web Apps - iPhone Template

If you want to create a web app for your iPhone or port a current site that actually looks and behaves like an actual iPhone app, then look no further.

Two ways to build iPhone webapps:

Code it with a template (here)
Create iPhone websites via WordPress theme (oh-so-easy)
So, here I’ve built a template to help web developers create applications for the iPhone. Notice that it uses the Apple resource images for the ‘Home’ and ‘Contact’ button. Included are all the source files to make basic apps to interactive ones, with all the needed source files. Also within the template are instructions on how to incorporate other iPhone apps such as google maps and the media player. Tap-to-call is implemented easily as well - basically everything you want in order to make a nice functional site or to port an existing website.

You’ll be able to:

•Build Deep Menus
•Add AdSense
•Add Images
•Add Audio
•Add Video
•Add Google Map Integration
•Add Tap-To-Call
•Add Personalized “Web Clip” icon
•Direct Browsers to iPhone friendly pages
•Add “Purchase” buttons
•SEO for search - fill in the tags
•Integrate Tap-To-Email
•Choose Page Styles & Add More

I’ve tried to write this in a manner that you can follow the code and make sense of the structure so that you can create comprehensive menu systems.

This template uses javascript to simulate the page turning within the hierarchy too. Replace the email address in the code with yours and a desired subject line and the ‘contact’ button will work as expected. All the code examples are built into the package.

The package includes the code, examples and source files to perform everything described. For the cost of a couple beers you can make your own iPhone web apps! (and make money doing it)
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

iPhone Templates

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